Apply (or Nominate a Candidate) for the Open Technology Institute’s Policy Director and Senior Policy Counsel Openings!

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Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels
Jan. 10, 2023

The Open Technology Institute is currently recruiting for a Policy Director and Senior Policy Counsel, and we’re accepting nominations! Help us conduct data-driven research, develop policy and regulatory reforms, and build real-world pilot projects that promote universal access to communications technologies that are both open and secure.

The Policy Director, as a leader in the policy space with substantial experience in technology policy and advocacy, will oversee the development of OTI’s policy agenda, act as spokesperson on a broad range of policy matters, and represent OTI at high-level convenings. To learn more and apply, click the link below:

The Senior Policy Counsel is an experienced legal counsel who will develop and promote innovative policy initiatives that focus on broadband access and adoption, net neutrality, and competition issues. To learn more and apply, click the link below:

Do you fit the bill for either of these positions? If so, apply today!

New America is actively working to create a more diverse and equitable workforce. In the event that a nominated candidate from a historically marginalized background accepts an offer for a position, a diversity referral award of $500 will be given to the referrer.

Why a Diversity Referral Award?

The Open Technology Institute knows that technological disruption, online discrimination, and the digital divide disproportionately affect the most historically marginalized communities in society, including people of color, women, LGBTQIA+ people, and people with a disability. OTI is committed to centering the needs of these communities in our work, and we strongly encourage applications from people with a diverse array of backgrounds to support this mission.

As part of this commitment, we’re dedicated to testing new approaches towards building an equitable organization—and according to Kapor Center Founder Freada Klein, diversity referral awards make “a statistically significant difference in decreasing unfair treatment & increasing retention.”

Diversity Referral Award FAQs

How do I refer someone?

Anyone can refer a candidate! The easiest way to refer someone is to nominate them for the program through the form. And we'd love any help you can give us in helping spread the word, too, by posting a tweet/blog, forwarding an email, or any other way you can think of.

Can I refer myself for the program?

You can of course nominate yourself for the program but only third-party referrers are eligible for the diversity award.

How do I qualify for the referral?

Simply nominate a candidate for the position! If a candidate is offered the position, we will cross check the nominations form to see if that individual was referred to us.

Other questions? We're here to help. Email Michelle at siegel[at] with any further inquiries.