How To Keep Backup Settings For Your Android Mobile

How To Keep Backup Settings For Your Android Mobile

Backup is a crucial part in our day-to-day life. One of the operating systems that offers different tools for users without a doubt is Android, in which different activities can be carried out that make the mobile become a true weapon for our daily lives. That is why the good news for everyone is that it integrates OS configuration backup options.

This is so that all the configurations that have been made in the terminal can be stored in a better way, such as accessibility or remembering the passwords of the WiFi connections that are saved in the device.

So it is one of the options that is not advertised much or that the vast majority of users do not know how to carry it out, so today I will let you know the procedure that you must carry out to carry out a backup of your computer’s configurations, all manually.

What You Should Know About Backup

Before starting with the configuration backup procedure, you should know some details, such as, for example, that it does not have the capacity to store any type of data such as the music you have on your mobile or tablet or the photographs that you have been taking over time, for this there are other ways to carry it out.

With this backup you will only have saved the most important configurations that you have on your smartphone, something that without a doubt is very useful especially when you get a new mobile, this so that the replacement does not become something that would take you many hours and everything is easier.

The Steps To Take

Basically it is a fairly simple process to carry out, but that some Android users still do not have in mind, so to establish a backup of the configuration of your Android device and after that you can use it to synchronize it in a new mobile you will have to access the System Settings part and once inside select the “Accounts” option.

It is there where it will display a list of all the accounts that you have synchronized on your mobile, that is, you can see, for example, your WhatsApp account, your social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, among others; but the one that really interests us and is where you should click is Google.

In this panel you will be able to see all the Gmail accounts that you have added to your device, so enter the one you use the most, a tip recommended by professionals to select the one you use in the Google Play Store, since it will surely be the one you log in to in your next terminal.

Once inside you will have to activate all the tabs that you will see on the site or at least all the ones that you think you will need, at least the basic ones should have them with a green symbol, that is, the data of the applications, the contacts and the account of email, also if you work a lot with documents on your tablet it is also recommended to activate the Documents and Drive .

After completing the process, all this information will be synchronized with the cloud each time changes are made to it and to be able to access it in another terminal, you only have to register with that email account.

Restore The Backup

To have a backup of the data of your Android device, you only have to access the settings again and enter the tab that is called Backup and Restore .

It is there where you will again have to select the Gmail account you want to restore and activate the option “Make Backup”. It is also precisely in this option where you can find the Factory Data Reset tool for when you want to sell the mobile.

With this backup you will be able to store in a safe and private way all the data of the applications that you have installed on the device, as well as all the passwords of WiFi connections to which your Android mobile or tablet has been connected and that you use frequently , finally also everything related to the data of the Google server settings, which are especially important for the proper functioning of the terminals.

Undoubtedly, it is a very simple procedure but it could save you many hours and troubles when purchasing a better Android mobile, since you will not have to start from scratch and you will be able to enjoy your new terminal right away.

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