How Does Smart Lock Work On Android Mobile?

How Does Smart Lock Work On Android Mobile?

We’re sharing our views on Smart Lock in the article. Android is one of the operating systems that focuses a lot on the security that users can have on their different devices, which is why you can lock and unlock your mobile in various ways, such as with a pin, a pattern and also with a password, this so that other users do not use the device or have access to the data stored on it. But there are also tools like Smart Lock that help you with it.

Despite the fact that it is one of the best options to protect the device, doing it at all times, that is, unlocking the terminal every time we want to use it is usually very annoying and removing any of the security options is the first thing that It is done to avoid entering the unlock code or pattern.

So if you are one of these users, you will surely love the tool that the latest versions of Android integrate. This is the one called Smart Lock , with which you can lock and unlock the mobile without using passwords or patterns and all this in a very safe and fun way on some occasions. So next we will learn a little more about how the option works.

How To Activate The Smart Lock?

Surely you are wondering where the Smart Lock is activated, the answer is simple since you only have to enter the Settings option , after that in Security and at the bottom you will see the option that is called Security lock settings , where you will find Several options, among which are the basic ones such as: Make the Pattern Visible, Lock Automatically, Lock Instantly with the Power Key and finally the Smart Lock.

When entering this tab you must enter the security method that you have assigned at that time, that is, it can be through a pin, password or pattern; this to verify that you really are the owner of the terminal to which you want to configure this security option.

Once inside you will be able to observe several of the options that your terminal has available to be able to use, among the most common are the following: Body Detection, Trusted Sites, Voice Unlock and Trusted Devices, all of them with different functions within the same, so let us know the same.

Body Detection

It is one of the most comfortable options for users, since it does not need any type of password to use it, it is a tool that will keep your device unlocked as long as you carry it with you , that is, when you have it in your hands using it or you’re just holding it.

But the best of all is that you will not have to press any button to block it, that is to say that the same Android mobile will have the capacity to block itself when you have left it in a place or you have put it in your pants pocket, it is an excellent option but very unsafe.

Trusted sites

In the tab of trusted sites, your mobile will use the GPS and your mobile networks or, failing that, Wi-Fi to be able to know where you are, that is, if you indicate the place of your home, the mobile will know that you are there and it will not be locked and you will be able to use the device only by touching the screen and without the need to enter your pattern or pin.

But if you leave the site that has been indicated, the mobile will be blocked automatically and to be able to use it there you must enter the password or the security method that you have activated to use it.

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